“Incredibly helpful, flexible and interesting.”

  “The depth of the relationship and caring was exceptional.”

“Your attitude made it very easy for me to discuss my problems with you.”

.         “Using the board was a powerful visual tool to see how my emotions and feelings connected.”

“Your empathy, warmth and gentle challenge were very helpful.”

“I really appreciated your ‘humanness’ and bringing your full self into therapy.”

“The sessions were all helpful. The learning will always be with me.”

“You were very responsive to my wants and wishes for therapy, without preventing challenge where needed.”

“You were never prescriptive. You were always intuitive. You always sowed the seeds to make me think.”

.         “Get over that first hurdle and seek help. It works.”

“You made me look at ‘growing old gracefully’ and being happy again.”

“The freedom and control over my therapy to best use and find what works for me.”

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