How does it work?. 

.   Online means that we will attend our appointments from different places: you will be at home and I will be in my office. We will connect using a video application, usually Zoom (WhatsApp video is also possible). Using Zoom, I can share my screen with you and draw diagrams, just as I would on a white board if we were in the same room.

What are the advantages ?

.   Many people find that attending appointments from their home saves them a lot of time, as they do not need to commute to my office. Many of my clients also feel more relaxed at home, because it feels familiar and safe, which helps them to open up and engage with the process of counselling/therapy.

What do I need ?

.   All you need is a computer (or tablet or even a smartphone). You can download a free software, but this is not necessary. If you prefer, you can join video appointments with your web browser, using the link I will send you.

Photo on this page adapted from Chris Montgomery on Unsplash