.   Psychological difficulties are the normal result of life stresses. Everyone faces psychological difficulties at various times in their life, in the same way that we all get various physical problems. Seeking psychological help is a matter of personal choice, but it makes as much sense as consulting a medical doctor for a physical problem.

My style as a psychotherapist

.   Counselling can refer to many different psychotherapeutic approaches delivered by different professionals, including counsellors, psychotherapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists (learn about the differences here). Some practitioners will simply listen to you, others only apply counselling techniques. Because each individual is unique, I will tailor my approach to you, and engage in a real dialogue with you about what you want from psychotherapy. I will look through your difficulties to see the person you are, and who you want to be.

.   I have gone through thorough training in several therapeutic models (CBT, ACT, Internal Family Systems, Imago). This allows me to combine elements from these different models and to offer you more than one way to address your difficulties. I work in a creative manner, often drawing diagrams to share key elements of psychological theory or to help you explore your thoughts and feelings. This is an aspect of my work my clients often comment positively about.

.   Psychotherapy is a collaborative process. It requires you to share your personal thoughts and feelings, and discuss significant episodes of your past. This is why it is essential to form a meaningful connection with your therapist, in which you feel comfortable and able to trust them. I offer a free phone consultation to give you a chance to find out if you would feel comfortable working with me. To arrange your free consultation, please contact me by phone, email, WhatsApp, or using the green button above.

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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) - Changing the patterns which keep you stuck

.   Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is perhaps the best-recognised psychotherapeutic approach because of the wealth of scientific evidence which supports its efficacy. It focuses on the connection between our feelings, thoughts, behaviours and physical sensations. It addresses psychological difficulties (including depression, anxiety, panic attacks) by identifying and changing the role of key thoughts and the unintended consequences of our behaviours which keep us stuck. CBT is a rational approach, in which we analyse systematically the ways we interpret certain situations and how we react to them.


Internal Family Systems (IFS) - Reconciling our inner parts to bring healing 

.   Despite what its name suggests, Internal Family Systems (IFS) is a model of individual therapy. It It is a powerful approach to address psychological difficulties, yet it is gentle in the way it handles our deepest psychological material. It works with (rather than against) the various aspects of our personalities (our 'internal family') to 'rewrite' the episodes of our past, big or small, which have left some emotional wounds. This is an experiential approach: in IFS, the focus is not on analysing or understanding at the intellectual level, but on creating a lasting change in the way we feel.