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     All couples meet difficulties over time, often going through cycles of feeling in love then in conflict, connected then disconnected. A crisis in your relationship is painful, but it can also pave the way to a longer-lasting connection with your partner. I can help you reconnect. My approach to couple counselling is based on the Imago Relationship Therapy model, for which I have completed the official Imago clinical training.


What is IMAGO ?

     Imago is a very practical method which has helped thousands of couples all over the world to establish more connected, and happier relationships. It focuses on communication, helping couples talk about the crisis/difficulties they face and what each partner wants from a relationship, in a way which restores and enhances the connection between them. Unlike more traditional approaches to couple counselling, Imago will first focus on helping you to communicate in a way that feels safe for both of you, before addressing the most painful aspects of your relationship. This means talking without hurting, blaming, or criticising each other. This will allow you to really hear each other.

     Because the Imago approach focuses on addressing the relationship dynamic between partners, it is effective for all kinds of difficulties, and for all couples, regardless of the age, gender, race, cultural background, and social status of the partners. Using this approach, I can help you get to the core of the issues you are facing, for example:

  • What was I/my partner really looking for when having an affair?
  • Why can't my partner understand that I need some time on my own/more time together?
  • Why do we keep getting into arguments?
  • We are so different. Can we be happy together?

What will working on my couple require?

.   The first appointment is 60 minutes long. It will be a chance for us to decide whether we are a good match and want to work together. In this appointment you will start to learn and use the basics of the Imago approach. If we are all happy to move to the next step, I will ask you to commit to attending 6 follow-up appointments, each lasting 90 minutes, taking place every other week. After these 6 additional appointments, we will review your progress and your commitment to further sessions.

This may sound like quite a commitment for you, and this is exactly what it is. Changing your relationship for the better will take a solid commitment from both partners, in terms of time, effort, and financially. 

.   But this approach is not  just about fixing the current crisis in your relationship. It will hopefully set your couple on a different course, in which you both feel happier, connected and safe in your relationship.      

LGBTQ couples welcome.

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